The Aiemer

The Aiemer, or the Breath of the Great Mother, the Spirit of all Creation, is a magical current that flows throughout the entire world. It is the foundation of all life, the catalyst that randomly shapes the planet and all of its inhabitants. The Aiemer is a force that affects the world of Baeg Tobar while existing apart from it. The Dreaming Lands, however, cannot exist without the Aiemer. It is this current that allows the Fae to travel from the Realm of Dreams to the Dying Lands, as well as other places throughout the universe. It is this naturally occurring magic that the Fae draw on to do their work in and about the world.

The Aiemer is an invisible, weightless, colorless, scentless, tasteless, and generally impalpable force. Its current runs quickly in most places, much like the currents of an ocean or large river. It sometimes pools in places where it soaks into the land, saturating everything and changing the physical world in various unique ways. Over the course of time it can mutate the land into fantastically magical formations. Transparent mountains made of glass, floating forests, emerald deserts, a sea of silt – these are just a few examples of the unique creations of the Aiemer.

The Aiemer is also known to storm across the surface of the planet that occur at irregular intervals, and their effects are felt for decades after their passing. These violent and often devastating storms give little advance warning before they come. Being invisible, most of the planet’s inhabitants can’t detect an Aiemer storm, but their effects are plain to see.

Due to the water-like nature of the Aiemer, it is not uncommon to see the effects of an Aiemer “flood,” either in the Dreaming Lands or in the mortal realm. This flooding tends to bring with it the attributes of its realm of origin. For example, the mah’saiid, once a clan of powerful Fae, became tainted by an Aiemer flood flowing into the Dreaming Lands from the mortal realm. Strange mutations in the lands – and among those who inhabit them – where flooding has occurred show the raw power that Aiemer has over the world.

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