The Dreaming Lands

The Dreaming Lands is a land both familiar and strange, where the mundane exists in easy concert with the extreme. Certain of the Dreaming Lands’ features and inhabitants would not look even remotely out of place in the Dying Lands, while others would stick out as immediately alien and different.

The Aiemer is omnipresent here, existing in far greater quantities than in the Dying Lands. Aiemer is the soul of the realm, both the cause and effect of everything that exists.

The Fae, descendants of the Great Mother legend says created the Dreaming Lands, are the stewards of all forces that shape Baeg Tobar. There are Fae responsible for dreams and nightmares, good and evil, knowledge and learning, and for maintaining the land itself.

Eons ago, the Fae identified the mortals of the Dying Lands as the single greatest threat to their work. The fate of the Duine is debated constantly by the Courts of Twilight. The Sidhe’Lien argue that the Duine should be viewed as equals, respected and possibly aided in their development. The To’Sidhe’Lien, however, see them as nothing but a nuisance, objects of disdain that might warrant extermination. Tradtion has kept this tight balance from tipping too far, but the right circumstances could quickly tip the scales one way or the other.

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