The Dying Lands

The Dying Lands is an earthlike realm populated with an array of young races still trying to find their way in the world. Life here is harsh and unforgiving. The inhabitants are fully aware of their own mortality.

That said, Duine ingenuity and hard work is rapidly beginning to transform the wild into a place of comfort and convenience. Though most of the mortals live in pre-industrial societies still based on agriculture, recent breakthroughs in steam power and manufacturing have transformed certain areas into productive, thriving metropoli. Homes with running water become more common everyday, and medical advances are helping people live longer, healthier lives.

Mighty, sprawling nations have replaced the myriad kingdoms that once dotted the map. It is a time of expansion and colonialism, and those who refuse to keep up with the times are quickly absorbed or stamped out. Some of the young empires have even begun warring with each other, and such conflicts are sure to increase in frequency and scale as national borders and interests expand and collide.

There are still a few places where the old ways remain, where the wilds have yet to be tamed. Abundant natural resources and the ruins of an ancient civilization make such places tempting targets for the larger nations. But here, too, progress is being made in both politics and science, as though often in ways more creative than in the “civilized” world. The inhabitants of these wild places may soon be able to defend themselves against the rising tide of outside imperialism.

This guide deals primarily with the Pilean continent, the most heavily populated continent on Baeg Tobar.

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