Haven Page 01

Here is the first page.

I remember diving into this – I was feeling pretty rusty, it had been a while since I had done any drawing because I’d been doing a ton of color work at the time, and I just wanted to really get in there and do something tight and detailed.

In particular, I’m really proud of the landscape in the first panel. The second panel began as more of a down shot, but it presented several problems and I decided that I could get away with just going for a more straight on shot, maybe a view from the edge of the forest that ends up playing a very important role in the story.

I think when all was said and done, this page took me about a week to draw. Mostly, it was the second panel that took the time.

On the color – I’ve been very fortunate to be working with Ben Hunter. Ben is one of the most dependable and talented guys I know. We’ve been working together through my company, Outland Entertainment/Creative for months now and it’s been a great pleasure. Ben has been doing a lot of the flat work for me. In addition, he’s been helping me cut the shadows on my pages to help speed the process up a bit. I still choose all the colors, embellish a lot of the shadow work, and add the special effects, but I have to give Ben credit for his work on these too, which was no small contribution. Check his work out if you can – you won’t regret it.

I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll be posting the letters here or if I’ll force everybody over to the Baeg Tobar site to see those. I expect I’ll probably be directing you all over there.

More soon!

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