The Makua’Moi is a Mana’Olai cult centered on the worship of the god-kings of the Kukane’Haku, their masters in their previous homeland. The Kukane’Haku believed themselves to be gods and as such demanded worship from their slaves. When a Kukane’Haku died, it was said that they “ascended” to their heavenly court to attend to matters pertaining to the rest of creation. They promised to return, and so they required constant sacrifices and offerings to be made on their behalf. It is not uncommon to see a small, hidden shrine dedicated to these beings in the homes of some of the older Mana’Olai. Such worship is done out of fear and habit rather than out of any true dedication to the religion. There is, however, a secret faction dedicated to the return of the Makua’Moi, a sleeper cell intent upon calling the god-kings back to the Mana’Olai.

Among the worshippers of the Makua’Moi, blood sacrifices and other dark rituals are common. Most are conducted with animals such as chickens, ducks, or sheep, but the more zealous members of the faith are not remiss from kidnapping a vagrant, non-believer, or enemy to fuel their ceremonies.
The Makua’Moi maintain a record of their god/goddess and their deeds while living in the mortal world. This book is unique to each family, depending on the Kukane’Haku that they served. This record is called a Mo’olelo.

This eccentric group does not advertise their holidays, but rather keeps them secret from the rest of the population. These holidays center around the holy days sacred to the Kukane’Haku, the majority of which revere the individual god-kings, their concubines, and the princes of N’Halla.

Makua’Moi Marriage
Due to the duplicitous life-style of the Makua’Moi, they generally follow the practices of the Fedi’Omana. They do not honor the union of marriage in their homes however, for it is believed that they are not worthy of such a blessing.

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