The Rilk

Children of Stone
Cultural history
The first known reference to the rilk comes from the Feirnann of Ghammling Huil. These Fae encountered the rilk while delving for gold and other precious minerals and subsequently angered the conclave of M’Gaglind Duul when they kidnapped a rilka who had plated itself in gold and silver. This sparked a war between the Fae and the rilk that has lasted for thousands of years.

Cultural Description
The rilk are a highly organized race that look to be made from animated stone and come in two very different sizes: small and gigantic. Not much is understood about their culture outside the fact that they are actually two races living in symbiotic harmony. The two species are the rilkin and the rilka, and they actively rely on each other for survival. Not much is known about this mysterious society save that they do not generally get on well with the Fae. They live underground or in mountainous regions, but their ideals and general philosophies are not known.

Physical Attributes
As described above, the rilk look to be made from stone. Some scholars challenge this idea, saying that these “Rockmen” are not made from rock at all, but sport an extremely dense carapace with stone-like qualities.
Skin: Varied by region – pebbled and rocky with accumulated limestone protrusions and small veins of quartz.
Eye Color: Varies according to region. Common colors include phosphorescent yellow, orange, or green
Ave. Height: rilka – 1”, rilkin – 10 to 12’
Build: rilka – small, rilkin – broad and bulky
Ornamentation: The rilka carve very detailed designs on their bodies and the bodies of the rilkin. These designs are often imbued with elemental magic, allowing the rilkin to do more on behalf of the rilka and vice versa. The rilk do not wear clothing or other accessories, although some rilk have been known to create and wear jewelry.

Type of authority structure
Unknown. The rilk do not have an observable hierarchy. They tend to be more communal in their attitude, wherein everyone contributes to the enrichment of the community.

Social unit (tribe, city, state, etc.)

Family unit
Stone Ring – Generally one rilkin for every ten to twenty rilka.

Level of physical sciences
The rilk do not pursue the physical sciences in the same way that the surface races do. They do however practice subterranean farming and have established a number of fish hatcheries, achievements indicating a level of sophistication that cannot be easily dismissed.

Level of social sciences
The rilk are a very secretive race, but it is obvious to any observer that they do enjoy a level of social culture equal to anything found on the surface. They love and hate as easily as any race, and the social dynamics within the symbiotic relationship between the rilka and the rilkin are as deep and meaningful as any marriage among the surface races. Sometimes the rilka will even move to a new rilkin if a dispute breaks out among their original stone circle.
The rilk do not interact with the surface races much due to the common misconception that they are monstrous giants out to eat, pillage, and destroy.

Mores and manners
The rilk are secretive and tend to live in places far removed and inaccessible by the surface races. They are often described as being simple or of low intelligence due to their slow reactions to conversation and inquisition. Patient scholars who have uncovered an incredible intellect have diffused this myth.
The rilk are very polite to those who visit them. They have particularly good relations with the marii, and they tolerate the mah’saiid and the azh’rei, but the lij who once thought the rilk legend have only recently encountered them. There is an open dislike for the Fae – especially the Fiernann, who are seen as thieves and murderers.

Language Type
Unknown racial language. The rilk have been known to speak other racial tongues though, indicating some level of interaction with the surface peoples.
Spoken: Varied according to region.
Written: Unknown, but it is believed that the ornamentation carved into the rilk is some form of written language.

Racial Magic
The rilk literally listen to and speak with the stones that make up their homes. This ability allows them to speak with other conclaves over long distances and communicate important news and gossip.

The Carving
The Carving is a ceremony in which new rilk are cut from the stony womb of Baeg Tobar. Once their bodies are shaped and formed, the Carver decorates the runes of life and other magical symbols into the surface of the rilk’s rocky skins.

Breath of Life
The rilk can breath life into seemingly inanimate stone. This gift is generally used in bringing the souls of the rilka and rilkin to their new bodies, but there have been instances where a rilk Soul Giver has breathed life into the stony environment around him. This might happen during battles with the Fae, during planting season, or in the development of new formations such as a fish pond.

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