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“Duty to Extremes” Part 2 by Dylan Birtolo

With a start, Morann jumped to his feet. His entire body tensed as he scanned the sky for an airship of approximately the same size as the one that was just saved. It needed to be a passenger vessel; otherwise…

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“Duty to Extremes” Part 1 by Dylan Birtolo

Morann watched in silence as the two Duine–humans both–attempted to cross the bridge. He sat on a small pile of rocks next to the edge of the chasm spanned by the rope and wooden catwalk. The couple was making their…

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Chapter 09 – Stone and Blood, Part 02

HAOBRUUM! The sound washed across the garden and passed over them like a gust of wind. Boruin’s arm flared blue, the runes casting their light across the garden stones, driving shadows up against the walls. They blazed across his skin,…

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