How long have you been working on Baeg Tobar?
We’ve been working on this project since 2004.

How much of this site is original?
We recognize that, to a certain degree, everything has been done before at some point. But to our knowledge, the entirety of the site is wholly our own. All of the content was created, commissioned, or based off descriptions approved by either myself (Jeremy D. Mohler), Scott Colby, or Daniel Tyler Gooden.

How long has this site been up?
The World of Baeg Tobar has been active online in some way, shape, or form since 2005. This most recent incarnation has only been active since April 2011.

Is anything available in print?
Currently, no. However, we are working on getting a printable PDF of The Unmade Man available for purchase. You can also download The Unmade Man for the Kindle.

Do you accept submissions?
We are always looking for additional artists and writers to join our projects. If you are interested, be sure to spend some time looking over our site and make sure you understand what we need and please, use the contact form to inquire.

Submitting writing –
If you are interested in writing a novel, short stories, or flash fiction for us, please direct us to several samples of your writing.

Submitting art –
We are always interested in looking at new artwork (and we use illustrators, pencilers, and colorists).

Please be sure to take some time to look over the artwork on our site so you have an understanding of the style required – our goal is to keep a consistent style of artwork across the project, which is predominately an open line style that is colored in a cell shaded style. We are not currently looking for fully painted pieces.

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