Getting Started

We have worked hard to develop an intricate and expansive storytelling experience with Baeg Tobar. Each month we’ll be releasing content aimed at expanding your knowledge of the world. The primary focus will be The Unmade Man, by Daniel Tyler Gooden. This serves as the beginning to a wide and complex story. A new chapter is released every other week.


For Boruin, the past is simply dark. There is a ribbon of runes that turns across his body. He cannot read them, but they hold strange magics, too dangerous to use unknown. There is nothing in his mind before waking on the Nefazo Trade Highway thirty years past. The woman standing above him on the deserted road offers her own mysteries. Wraethe is moon-driven, awake under Diun’s shine and dead to the world during the day. Her temper and lust for blood often places her near the edge of chaos and mindless rage. Though a killer by trade, there is still heat in Wraethe’s heart, no matter how deeply hidden. A Mana’Olai assassin and short grave robber complete the small band that works across the jungle borders of Nefazo. Sometime thieves, bodyguards, strong-arms, diplomats, the crew honors what contracts pay.

Boruin’s band has done well–until they meet the child.The acquisition of the boy has turned Boruin back to his long unanswered questions. The quiet boy’s eyes are sharp, seeing the shifting tattoos where others see nothing. His touch turns them down Boruin’s arms and brings the spells to life. Where is this boy from? Who contracted Boruin to bring him out of the deep jungle? Why does he seem to know so much about that which is hidden?All other obligations are disregarded as Boruin turns back to his past. Contracts are broken, friendships are pulled apart, and lives are lost to discover the man that was once unmade.

In an effort to flesh out the story and introduce the world, we’ll be releasing short stories that will tie into each novel chapter and expand upon an important element touched upon in each chapter. In addition, we’ll also be featuring various World Book articles that will also tie into each chapter and short story.

So, if you are looking for a place to start, beginning with The Unmade Man is the best place. You can begin the story here.

If you would prefer to explore the world a little bit first, start with the World Book. You can discover information about all the people, places, and things that make up the world. In addition, there are maps of the world as well. You can find the World Book here.

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