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These smaller works shine the spotlight on people, places, and concepts that support and elaborate upon the story told in Baeg Tobar’s novels. New half-stories are posted once a week.


“Duty to Extremes” Part 2 by Dylan Birtolo

With a start, Morann jumped to his feet. His entire body tensed as he scanned the sky for an airship of approximately the same size as the one that was just saved. It needed to be a passenger vessel; otherwise…

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“Duty to Extremes” Part 1 by Dylan Birtolo

Morann watched in silence as the two Duine–humans both–attempted to cross the bridge. He sat on a small pile of rocks next to the edge of the chasm spanned by the rope and wooden catwalk. The couple was making their…

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“End of the Line” (Part 1) by Scott Colby

The trail of blood was maybe a day old. It began in front of a trade house. Undurlund, the sign read. Why here? Did Boruin have business with Underlund? The trade house was serene, untouched, so I decided to follow…

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“A Day of Strangers” (Part 2) by Dylan Birtolo

With a final glance behind him, Marc turned back to the woods, took a deep breath, and plunged down the path. The branches reached at him as he stumbled forward, and for a moment he thought they were alive and…

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“A Day of Strangers” (Part 1) by Dylan Birtolo

Marc stood as tall as he could manage and stretched to reach the glass bottles on the top shelf without having to fetch the ladder from the opposite side of the room. The tips of his fingers lightly grazed the…

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“Debt” (Part 2) by Scott Colby

When not plying his trade as a musician, Darin made a living as a trapper, and thus he was a more than competent woodsman. After his initial haste had put enough distance between himself and his enemy, he slowed to…

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“Debt” (Part 1) by Scott Colby

Darin watched in contented wonder as the soft, somber tones of his battered violin put his new wife to sleep. Arica looked so beautiful, so peaceful, her petite curves making a soft line against the worn linens. All in all,…

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“All Hail Lord Thistelonious!” (Part 2) by Scott Colby

Dinner was a flurry of uninteresting conversation interspersed with stupid questions and asinine declarations about my person and my lands. “Those long fingers must make you an expert piano player!” “Are you concerned at all that Pileaus might push to…

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“All Hail Lord Thistelonious!” (Part 1) by Scott Colby

I heard Lancois’s effusive voice clear as day from just beyond the other side of the thick black curtain. “Ladies and gentlemen…and Fenssaint the Spade…” The lords and ladies gathered in the ballroom chuckled politely at this, and I was…

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“Double Cross” (Part 2) by Scott Colby

The hulking twins were quicker than they looked. The one on the left feinted toward Simonez, distracting him so the one on the right could dart behind him and yank the merchant’s arms behind his back. His brother followed up…

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