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The Fae

The Bragheayn are more commonly known as the Fae or the Spirit Folk among the Duine. They are a beautiful and long-lived race, the children of the Iraemun who, it is said, were created by the Great Mother at the…

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The Gates of Eternity

The Shialwyn Ny Cachliadh, or “Gates of Eternity,” are one- or two-way portals, usually under the direct influence of the Fae, that act as gates between the Dreaming Lands and Baeg Tobar. They take the form of non-descript objects that…

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The Dreaming Lands

The Dreaming Lands is a land both familiar and strange, where the mundane exists in easy concert with the extreme. Certain of the Dreaming Lands’ features and inhabitants would not look even remotely out of place in the Dying Lands,…

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