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The size and scope of Baeg Tobar are difficult to fully communicate in story alone. The amount of content we’ve developed is massive. This has allowed us to bring a large number of creators on board to develop the world and yet keep them all on the same page.

As we release all the minute details and arcane knowledge that make Baeg Tobar such a complex place, you will find them listed here.


From dead Fae gods to unnamed children, below is the growing list of important people scattered throughout the lands of Baeg Tobar.


Empires pried from the arms of old kings, homesteads cleared from ancestral forests, swamps filled with ruins and relic hunters— all these places stretching across the face of Baeg Tobar shall be detailed below.


The following articles are devoted to devilish beasts, Aiemer-driven machinery, legendary weaponry, dreaded magics, and a host of other Baeg Tobar things.



The Makua’Moi is a Mana’Olai cult centered on the worship of the god-kings of the Kukane’Haku, their masters in their previous homeland. The Kukane’Haku believed themselves to be gods and as such demanded worship from their slaves. When a Kukane’Haku…

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Fedi’Omana Sorcery

The Fedi’Omana embrace mysticism and the magical arts without prejudice. There are many accepted disciplines among the religion, both light and dark, for the Fedi’Omana revere the power of balance. Within the Fedi’Omana is found the most diversity and versatility…

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The Rilk

Children of Stone Cultural history The first known reference to the rilk comes from the Feirnann of Ghammling Huil. These Fae encountered the rilk while delving for gold and other precious minerals and subsequently angered the conclave of M’Gaglind Duul…

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Gruw and Gruw-Makken (Parasitic Mushroom)

Height: 1” (Gruw); 2” (Gruw-Makken) Length: 4” (Gruw); 3’ (Gruw-Makken) Weight: 8 oz. (Gruw); 1 lb (Gruw-Makken) The gruw is a sentry creature bred by the mah’saiid to guard special places where the race does not want something discovered. The…

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Capital: Priyati Location: North of Mana’Olai and Northeast of Nefazo. Climate and Terrain: Temperate rainforest to the north (near the mountains) and subtropical jungles elsewhere. Citizenry: Easlinders Physical Attributes: Skin: Mulatto (lightly tanned with Caucasian attributes) Eye Color: Blue, hazel,…

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Pileaus Map

The map of the Pilean continent shows in greater detail the location of various cities, capitals, nations, locations of interest, land formations, and oceans. Check back for the interactive version of this map, linked to our World Book, in the…

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The Duine

The terms “Duine” and “Dying Races” refer to all mortal races on the planet of Baeg Tobar: the lij, the marii, the shuen, the eashue, the mah’saiid, the rilk, and the azh’rei, and possibly other races yet unknown. The lifespans…

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The Moons

The four moons of Baeg Tobar are important to the cultures of many societies throughout the world. They affect life on the planet in a number of ways, the most significant of which is the ten hour period of twilight…

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The Ushalys

Made up of 2 groups, the Monarhig and the Moir Monarhig – The Kings Skin: Varies depending on the individual – normally a milky blue or milky green Eye Color: Varies depending on the individual – traditionally warm colors: gold,…

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The Fae

The Bragheayn are more commonly known as the Fae or the Spirit Folk among the Duine. They are a beautiful and long-lived race, the children of the Iraemun who, it is said, were created by the Great Mother at the…

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