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The size and scope of Baeg Tobar are difficult to fully communicate in story alone. The amount of content we’ve developed is massive. This has allowed us to bring a large number of creators on board to develop the world and yet keep them all on the same page.

As we release all the minute details and arcane knowledge that make Baeg Tobar such a complex place, you will find them listed here.


From dead Fae gods to unnamed children, below is the growing list of important people scattered throughout the lands of Baeg Tobar.


Empires pried from the arms of old kings, homesteads cleared from ancestral forests, swamps filled with ruins and relic hunters— all these places stretching across the face of Baeg Tobar shall be detailed below.


The following articles are devoted to devilish beasts, Aiemer-driven machinery, legendary weaponry, dreaded magics, and a host of other Baeg Tobar things.


The Gates of Eternity

The Shialwyn Ny Cachliadh, or “Gates of Eternity,” are one- or two-way portals, usually under the direct influence of the Fae, that act as gates between the Dreaming Lands and Baeg Tobar. They take the form of non-descript objects that…

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Capital: Kaponiana Location: South central along the coast Climate and Terrain: Temperate rainforest to the north (near the mountains), tropical to the southern coast, and subtropical jungles to the west. Citizenry: The Mana’Olai Physical Attributes Skin: Dark, tanned Eye Color:…

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Capital: Ouilainne (pronounced Wee – lane) Location: Northwest of Mana’Olai, southwest of Easlinder Climate and Terrain: Subtropical to temperate marshlands in the north, rich farmland to the east, tropical climate to the south. Citizenry: The Nefazo Physical Attributes Skin: Light…

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The Lij

Mankind Cultural History Varies according to base culture. Known to the rest of the Duine as mankind, the lij are the dominant race on all of Baeg Tobar. One of the few races that naturally evolved on Baeg Tobar, their…

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The Aiemer

The Aiemer, or the Breath of the Great Mother, the Spirit of all Creation, is a magical current that flows throughout the entire world. It is the foundation of all life, the catalyst that randomly shapes the planet and all…

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The Dreaming Lands

The Dreaming Lands is a land both familiar and strange, where the mundane exists in easy concert with the extreme. Certain of the Dreaming Lands’ features and inhabitants would not look even remotely out of place in the Dying Lands,…

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The Dying Lands

The Dying Lands is an earthlike realm populated with an array of young races still trying to find their way in the world. Life here is harsh and unforgiving. The inhabitants are fully aware of their own mortality. That said,…

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