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The following articles are devoted to devilish beasts, Aiemer-driven machinery, legendary weaponry, dreaded magics, and a host of other Baeg Tobar things.



The Makua’Moi is a Mana’Olai cult centered on the worship of the god-kings of the Kukane’Haku, their masters in their previous homeland. The Kukane’Haku believed themselves to be gods and as such demanded worship from their slaves. When a Kukane’Haku…

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Fedi’Omana Sorcery

The Fedi’Omana embrace mysticism and the magical arts without prejudice. There are many accepted disciplines among the religion, both light and dark, for the Fedi’Omana revere the power of balance. Within the Fedi’Omana is found the most diversity and versatility…

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Gruw and Gruw-Makken (Parasitic Mushroom)

Height: 1” (Gruw); 2” (Gruw-Makken) Length: 4” (Gruw); 3’ (Gruw-Makken) Weight: 8 oz. (Gruw); 1 lb (Gruw-Makken) The gruw is a sentry creature bred by the mah’saiid to guard special places where the race does not want something discovered. The…

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The Moons

The four moons of Baeg Tobar are important to the cultures of many societies throughout the world. They affect life on the planet in a number of ways, the most significant of which is the ten hour period of twilight…

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The Gates of Eternity

The Shialwyn Ny Cachliadh, or “Gates of Eternity,” are one- or two-way portals, usually under the direct influence of the Fae, that act as gates between the Dreaming Lands and Baeg Tobar. They take the form of non-descript objects that…

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The Aiemer

The Aiemer, or the Breath of the Great Mother, the Spirit of all Creation, is a magical current that flows throughout the entire world. It is the foundation of all life, the catalyst that randomly shapes the planet and all…

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